Freak mini tornado hits UK street forcing homes to be evacuated as roads flood

A mini tornado hit parts of the West Midlands forcing householders to be evacuated.

Fire crews were called to the aftermath of the tornado which swept along parts of Warwickshire last night.

There were reports of some structural damage to a home that fire crews had to make safe, reports Coventry Live.

Housing officers from Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council provided emergency accommodation for those who could not stay in their homes.

It is not the first time that a mini tornado has hit the borough after homes in the area were hit in 2014.

Housing officers were also needed in Nuneaton where some homes were hit by a torrential downpour at around 7.30pm last night.

They spent several hours putting out sandbags at a number of properties in the area.

Firefighters also responded to 999 calls at several addresses as the sheer volume of rain left some residents unable to leave their homes.

The deluge only fell for a short period last night, but it left rain water racing on roads across the borough, some of which could not cope.

Some streets were were partially submerged as torrential rain took its toll.

Several roads were also flooded and water engulfed streets.

In Galley Common, a drain lid lifted due to the sheer pressure of the rain.

There was a similar incident in Bedworth as the force of the downpour forced a drain lid to lift.

Although the downpours were short-lived, their impact was felt in many communities.

The clean-up operation in the aftermath of the rain will continue today.